Applicat... the magic shell for Omnis Classic

Having worked for decades with the default Omnis shell, AppliCat will soon become your new best and indispensible friend. With its advanced features like unprotecting formats, or opening access to hidden functionalities in formats thus allowing encapsulation e.g. in report formats (no more global variables or #-fields necessary!) you will experience Omnis Classic in a complete new way.

With its included resources, AppliCat enables quick access to GUI features like tab panes or tree lists, and lets you add your own prototypes for an even more rapid application development. The default shell still is accessable from within AppliCat. Included also are tools like Leon Venter's famous DIFF tool or an interface manager similar to Omnis Studio, and library enhancements like a trash can that lets you remove unused formats reversible or group folders that add a modular view to your libraries.

And best of all - everything is done with pure Omnis. No patches or additional sidekicks are required. Your libraries will run stand alone in every runtime environment as usual.

Basic shell functionalities for development

- copy formats between libraries via drag & drop
- Format Recycle Bin in every library, allowing you to remove formats reversible from your library
- Format drifting, fast and easy
- Access to all format properties, so that you can e.g. edit the procedure properties of a report format without drifting it
- Viewing formats, slots and indexes on record level


Advanced version  EUR 140,-

+ Resource repository for formats and icons
+ on the fly inspect to omnispic.df1
+ Editor for your own icon slot in your library to add/remove/alter icons on the fly
+ Unlock Library facility
+ Unprotect Format facility
+ user definable GUI conversion tool
+ Editing formats, slots and indexes on record level
+ Binary viewer
+ Library Copier
+ Library Locker
+ FastUnlock


Expert version EUR 230,-  per seat

+ Ready to go resources for your own libraries, that are used in AppliCat too e.g.
     Graphical treelists (explorer and OS8 style)
     #PLATFORM auto conversion
     Help system
     Info Popup
     History list Popup
     Icons used in AppliCat
     Calculator used in AppliCat
+ Editing formats, slots and indexes on binary level
+ AppliCat API opening functionalities of AppliCat to your own libraries
+ generating file formats from a given data file
+ enhanced Library Copier with slot copy and library optimizer
+ Binary to String converter tool
+ User definable $formattypes and components that show up in the New Format dialog
+ predefined format types like Cocoon formats
+ Code converter that allows you more flexible conversions in your omnis code also in drifted formats
+ AppliCat interface manager
+ Reconversion of 7.3.7 libraries back to 7.3.6

+ AppliCat DataTool


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